Original European formula, approved by Ministry of Health Canada.

Natural-E, maker of uTI E-Drops herbal supplement

UTI E-Drops All Natural Treatment for Urinary Tract Infection.

We have combined the expertise of medical doctors, Ph.D’s, and pharmaceutical researchers to form our research team. It was our vision to understand human needs, research and develop a natural herbal remedy for UTI. We made these urinary tract infection natural products accessible to people around the world. In a world that is overwhelmingly dependent on chemical pharmaceuticals, Natural-E exists to provide alternative methods to help against some of the most common infections and create UTI treatment without antibiotics.

Quickly Eliminates Burning, Stinging and Discomfort of Bladder and Kidney Infection.

By using state of the art scientific research, we have set our natural product study, research, testing, development and placement to the highest standards. It is important when producing UTI E-Drops that we are able to fully test and deliver the best possible urinary tract infection product. We want to deliver nothing short of a perfect natural solution to help people fight UTI symptoms and infection.